The Atyap Nationality 
 The Atyap (Kataf) people occupy part of Zango Kataf  Local
 Government Area of Kaduna State. They are one of the
 nationalities of Southern Kaduna in the former Zaria  Province.

 The Atyap derive their name from their language,Tyap as  a
 descriptive name meaning “the people who speak  Tyap”.


The Agwatyap invites all
Atyap Sons and Daughters
to the 2013 annual event
at the Agwatyap palace
on 31st December 2013 at 2.00pm.

Atyap Community Development Association is a group of progressive minded people of Atyap. Opened to every indigene of Atyap of all ages, the association takes up the task of ensuring steady and continous progress of the people and the land of Atyap....
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